חליפת גלישה בודי גלוב – Vapor Zipperless 4/3mm

  • Zipperless entry
  • Evoflex exterior
  • Microbead sealant
  • Nano tritec kneepads
  • Neotape internal seams
  • Ultra-light X-dry plush interior
  • Thermoplush legs & underarms
  • Blunt cut, glide skin wrists & ankles
  • Left shoulder cinch with camlock closure

חליפת גלישה בודי גלוב – Siroko 3/2 Back Zip



  • Magnaflex highest performance stretch material
  • Fairskin chest and back
  • Thermoplush in front interior


  • Glued & Blind stitch
  • Spot tape used at seam intersections for added durability and seam strength


  • Nano Tritec kneepads
  • Interior elastic key cord
  • Left shoulder bib cinch
  • EZ-Entry slant zip

חליפת גלישה בודי גלוב – Red Cell 3/2 Slant Zip

The constant search to bring warmth to the water has our engineers reaching for the stars. The new Red Cell Wetsuit has them harnessing the power of the sun. Our new Red Cell Wetsuit uses Infrared Technology to trap the sun's rays to retain heat which allows the wearer to go for longer periods in colder water. Carrying on the tradition of Warmer, Drier, Lighter, the Red Cell uses technology to take warmth to the next level.

  • Drain holes
  • Neotape seams
  • Microbead sealant
  • Minimal seam design
  • Nano tritec kneepads
  • Evo dry exterior material
  • Left shoulder bib cinch & cordlock
  • Blunt cut, glide skin wrists & ankles
  • Red Cell infrared insulation fabric on all internal panels

חליפת גלישה בודי גלוב – Voodoo Slant Zip Fullsuit 3/2mm

A wetsuit for any condition, the Voodoo fullsuit comes in 5 different configurations making it the most reliable suit on the market. Packed with features at an affordable price, the Voodoo earned the name, the Working Mans Wetsuit.

  • Magnaflex exterior
  • Fairskin chest & back
  • Nano tritec kneepads
  • Slant zip entry system
  • Fluidseal liquid tape exterior
  • Blunt cut collar, wrist, & ankle cuffs
  • Thermoplush insulated front and back

חליפת גלישה בודי גלוב – Pr1me Slant 3/2

Vaporlock seams with 100% exterior Fluid Seal. Anatomically cut. Unfinished collar, wrist & ankle cuffs with fused edges. Double lock S-Seal wrist and ankles.